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Very active alliance looking for active players to replace some of our inactive players tier 8 in tourney, 9/10 - 10/10 depending on the activity of the alliance 🥳

We are active players and we love raids. Our alliance missions are 9/10 Tournament we are tier 8 / tier 9 in 5 week tournament. Come help us be #1

Join our discord group to see the raid strategies

We are looking for 5 good players that love to raid and battles in tourney

Hi we got 2 spots for active players

Hey, I’m currently in a dying alliance have you still got a spot in your alliance? I have About 4800 trophies and I’m a level 20 player and I’m looking for an alliance that can get at least tier 8 in the tournament alliance incubators.

I can i have a little more of 3100 and im on level 12 my player name is DinoIsaac360

If you can today enter our discord chatroom

Friend invite me on discord so you can cha with me