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Very active alliance (rank 5 every week) looking for new members


Hi, we are looking for active members in our ally we share our donations on the chatting app called line and we communicate also in line. So line is required, if you want to join our ally called “euapexpredators”. Every week we get rank 5.

Send a request to join our ally in the game (alliance name: euapexpredators ) and add our leader (raptor072) on the app called line and use your jw alive player name also in line.

Edit: as we are a very active clan, we have a minimum requirement of lvl 20 players.


You got every week rank5 in defence missions?


Sounds unlikely


Since the start of alliance missions we have always reached rank 5 on the sino incubators. For the defense (the one with concavenator) we get rank 5 every other week and the other times we fall just short on rank 5: so we get rank 4. The reason for the latter is because we had like 5 inactive members. We have kicked those 5 and already replaced them with 4 active lvl 20s.


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