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Very active player looking for a new, very active, bigger alliance

since I have given up my alliance,
I’m looking for in this way a new interesting, very active and greater alliance so that my activity is worthwhile too.
If you are looking for a new, very active member to do more in Alliance missions, then I’m the right one !!!
As soon as I receive answers and then I have decided in a new alliance, I will leave my present alliance, to start a new beginning.
I’m German and I speak a little English.
Write me please, thank you.

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Hi, i have a slot for u, if u are really active.
My alliance is almost completing rank 4 exploration, so u can imagine how fast we do.
If u interested, pls “pm” your game lvl, as we need to agree with our team play first.

I’m Lv. 16

Can i pm you to discuss?

Yes you can:-)

Sent, pls check n reply

I slid in to your DMs, perhaps you will consider Kelliance :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, wherever you decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can private message me if you are still looking for an alliance?

My alliance Jurassic Mundo Vivit (JWA in Latin) hits lvl 5 exploration and lvl 4 defense consistently. I have just removed 2 players who were not playing the game any more and keep on top of it.

We do well for donating dna.

We are a very worldwide team with players from all over Europe, America and China.

You would be very welcome to join us whilst I have a couple of spaces :slight_smile:

If you find our alliance you can simply apply and I will see it. But if you PM me your name in JWA then I can look out for it.

We try to not accept people just before the lvl5 rewards are ending as the new player has not earned them but I would make an exception lol

Thank you for your message, I already joined an alliance.

No problem. Hope it goes well!

Retribution of the Ended!!!