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Very Active Player Looking for Very Active Guild

Sick of this in every guild I join.

Looking for a guild that I can join that will reflect my efforts back.

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We are bad company.
We always get the Silverhand within the first day or two. Just opened a few spots since this last Raid.
What’s your gamer handle? We have our own Discord channel and run five different guilds.

Gamer handle is the top there, Cosmosus86.

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Ok. Should I let our leader know to look out for you?

Sorry @Cosmosus86. That’s pretty much a dead looking guild. There are plenty of active guilds looking for members. Hope you have better luck with the next one

Raiders of Ravenloft
A guild where the dead come to play

Preston, I’ll be sitting guildless. Let me know and I’ll take an invite or search to join.

Let me know. Bad Company has 1 member in it, so I’m definitely missing something in my search.

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We are bad company

The whole thing :wink:

Request sent!