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Very active player needs new alliance

I am very active everyday. I want to quit my current alliance since there is no progress and people are hardly playing. I need an alliance who can at least make rank 4 in the alliance missions. My name in game is malcolm and #3507

What’s your lvl and current ranking? We always complete rank5 exploration and rank4 defence missions.

level 13 and rank arena rank is lockdown. 3 stars

Come join my alliance, I need active players

United Predators of America sent you an invite. The majority of our alliance is active & we can use an active player right now to help with alliance missions. Our members donate & request dinos often (mainly at night). Our highest trophy range is low 4000s. The majority of players are around 2000. Any trophy level is accepted as long as players stay active. We usually make rank 4 alliance mission incubators. We would be glad to have you.