Very annoying problem

So I was trying to upgrade beachcomber and every time I pressed the button

This text message comes up

Please fix this immediately I don’t feel like dealing with this

Hey drag0nsla4er, do you have another copy of Beachcomber in your roster?

No. Why do you ask?

On the first screenshot, it seems to show that you are missing another copy of Beachcomber for the Training requirements.

I’ve never needed a copy of the same dragon before. Whatever the case it’s still odd. Unless I never noticed that before.

The Training requirements usually changes depending on the current Tier of the dragon.

To get a 3* dragon to 3* you need a second copy, to get 4* and 5* to full you need 3 copies of dragon. It costs more scales and more coins to take to next * the higher you go. Have you no dragons at more than 2*? That would be the only way you wouldn’t know.

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@NightLight4 I have 5 star dragons but I didn’t realize that you need copies of the same dragon.

Are they at more than 3* though?

I also didn’t realize I needed dupes in the beginning … when I got them I used them as fodder :see_no_evil: to realize later I NEEDED them to level up :sob::sweat_smile: goodluck with getting your dupes ! Don’t get discouraged …they will come