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Very bad mobile data optimalization!


614 MB spend on JW Alive after 5 days
(I can go under 100 MB in PoGO in 14 days)
I think this is important to be fixed.


Wow! There may be some settings you need to check! I’ve been playing the game nearly non-stop since launch and have only used 101 MB.

It is true, though, that this game will definitely use more data, since Pokémon Go refreshes every… who knows how long, now. Last I checked it was supposedly 10-15 seconds but in practice it’s more like 20-60 seconds. This game seems to refresh almost constantly or every few seconds, which I personally love.

I can see that it’s a huge concern for those that don’t have unlimited data, however. I did have an issue once upon a time that my phone told me that five or so apps were leeching all my data even though I hardly had them open. I looked it up and disabled a few unnecessary information-gathering processes on my phone (like Google sending info on what games you play and for how long) that slashed my data usage by at least 60%. Other than that, I turn off mobile data whenever I’m at home. I understand completely if these are not reliable options for you.