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Very big accidentally purchase - answer please

Hi Ludia Developers. Please, set into game a confirmation button, when someone wants to buy a premium draft or basic draft. Two days ago, I wanted to bought only one premium draft token from new weekend draft, Superb Snafflefangs. But my phone’s display was dirty. So I took little cloth to clean my display. And right now I’ve accdentally bought not 400 runes offer, but 4000 PULL!!! MY RUNES ARE GONE NOW! I am soo sad​:sob::sob:. Yeah, I know, this is also my fault a little bit, because I’ve not shut down my phone, when I cleaned it. But, please, give me my runes back! I’ve had more than 4.1 k runes! And it’s gone. Please. Thank you

The 10 pull is a much better deal than individual polls if that is any consolation

No it’s not when you trying to save your runes for Legendary Weekend and ACCIDENTALLY click on this 4K offer. I’ve had more than 4.1K runes. And now, I have nothing.:sob::sob: