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Very big accidentally purchase

Hi Ludia Developers. Please, set into game a confirmation button, when someone wants to buy a premium draft or basic draft. Right now, I wanted to bought only one premium draft token from new weekend draft, Superb Snafflefangs. But my phone’s display was sooo dirty. So I took little cloth to clean my display. And right now I’ve accdentally bought not 400 runes offer, but 4000 PULL!!! MY RUNES ARE GONE NOW! I am soo sad​:sob::sob:. Yeah, I know, this is also my fault a little bit, because I’ve not shut down my phone, when I cleaned it. But, please, give me my runes back! I’ve had more than 4.1 k runes! And it’s gone. Please. Thank you.

I’m sorry that happened, @Denis_Rebro. As there are no confirmation pop-ups before spending resources in the game, we recommend that you close the game before cleaning the screen of your device. Sadly, we don’t have access to our team’s procedures on our end, but please feel free to reach out to our support team here at with your support key, and they might be able to assist you.

@Ned Really thanks, but I’ve send 2 emails on the same adress. One at Saturday and one today. In both mails I was wrote my support key. Nobody contacts me yet.

Once our team gets a chance to review your ticket, they’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. However, I recommend waiting for our team to respond first before sending in more tickets as it could reset your position in their queue.

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@Ned right now I’ve been contacted by devs. In this mail was written that the half of my runes will be given to me. Is this true? If it is, then how long I’ll must wait until my runes will be back to my account?

I’m not really sure how long it’d take for our team to credit you the Runes, however, keep an eye out for your in-game mail as it could be sent there. Also, try rebooting your game as well and see if your Rune amount gets updated.

@Ned thanks. I really appreciate your help. I hope that the runes will be put into my game soon.:grinning:

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