Very Concerned

Ludia, I am very concerned for this game. I have watched the Facebook and Discord and this website and the lack of engagement from your marketing team worries me. You are losing potential customers at a rapid pace. This forum hasn’t been updated in a month. The people who post on Facebook are ignored. Your YouTube channel has one video and it’s 6 months old. Is anyone at your company interested in the success of this game? How can you not be actively engaging your customers? I have preregistered for the game but, like many others, I am considering canceling it too. If you don’t respond to us now, why should we believe you will do so when the game is active? I have watched the one (1) content provider on YouTube and it looks like the developers are doing a great job. But that means nothing if nobody is interested in playing because they are being actively ignored on all forms of media. I hope you take this message to heart.

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Hi there! Appreciate you reaching out, and its understandable the concerns you may have. We recently released a new Community Update that outlines some new release dates! Hopefully that will give you some answers.

Rest assured that team is is hard at work making sure that we can provide our community with the best in-game experience possible!

I’ve been peregistred in North America, the States for over a year and still waiting while i see and hear about people playing everywhere.
What’s up with that?