Very deceiving


Okay so I had a message in the inbox in game talking about a case of cash, I went over to the market to see that it said VIP and with VIP you get a case of cash, of course I didn’t have VIP yet so I figured why not cause I get cash as well so I got VIP and then the market changed and showed me that you get a discount on a case of cash. Now that’s not at all what the market said before I got the VIP. That’s very deceiving as it implied that you would get a case of cash with getting the VIP. Kinda disappointed as I would not have got the VIP if that was not the case.


Same here, I was quite disappointed


I almost fell for it. I waited to see what others said. I personally would request refund from apple/google.


I agree, I was tempted to buy it just now for the same reason.
Just before I clicked I checked the forum and found this post so thank you.