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Very disappointed in support

I am at my wits end. My almost six-year-Old daughter and I have been playing (separate devices) for months. Because she is a child, I did not link her game to Facebook. Her Kindle Fire did not have enough internal memory to support all of the games she wanted to play. I bought her a better one in November, and immediately discovered her game progress didn’t transfer to her new device. I contacted support immediately, and after a couple of days or so, I was told her game would be transferred “soon.”

At least a week or two passed, and nothing happened. I sent another communication to find out what was going on. Within a few days of, all of the progress on her old device was reset to the beginning. Having heard nothing back, I emailed support, provided support codes, and documentation of all purchases. I was told her game would be transferred within 24-48 hours. Two weeks later, nothing has been done. All told, it’s been seven weeks since this issue started, and my daughter still doesn’t have her game fixed. As a mom, this is really frustrating, because I shouldn’t have to connect a child’s game to an adult social media platform to save her progress. If ever this is resolved, which I am starting to doubt, I will connect it, but it’s very frustrating that there isn’t a more appropriate solution for this issue.

Yeah this Supportteam is somehow struggeling