VERY Frustrated by the new update

I know that I am not alone in thinking that this new update is particularly awful/insulting/bad/etc. I am seeing multiple people quitting or wanting to quit, and many are cancelling flight club subscriptions. Why?

  1. You decimated the chest system. I get wanting to make it harder, wanting to rebalance. It was not difficult for me to get 2 chests a day before, so I can see wanting to make it a bit of a challenge. The problem is that you didn’t rebalance it…you destroyed it. The amount of resources it takes to get a chest is INSANE. Even without Astrid’s duty being frozen, things like “level up 15 dragons” take an insane amount of resources. Further, when one actually gets a chest, there’s NO energy and fewer runes! This makes it extremely unbalanced - achieving a chest is beyond “hard,” its a total resource suck with a very minuscule return. And finally, taking runes out of the alpha chests? Really?? It already takes days to get such a chest unless you’re one of the front runners of your clan, and you’re taking that away as a source of runes? The chests system is completely broken at this point, and it’s a huge reason why many people are leaving the game.

  2. Yet again, this update doesn’t seem like it was remotely play tested or beta-ed. It consistently feels like the devs have no idea what actually playing this game is like. The bugs from yesterday were glaringly obvious and extremely frustrating. Getting an update should be making gameplay better, not messing it up/breaking it further.

  3. Edging out the f2ps. By taking away a few good sources of runes, this game continues to edge out the f2p. But the thing is, that whats good for f2p is GREAT for the people who pay. For example, having the flight club should be giving a significant advantage (chests). Beating the Alphas SHOULD have a reward. By getting rid of these and/or nerfing them so severely, you’re limiting the gameplay of everyone, including f2p’s but also the people who give you a LOT of money.

  4. And speaking of–sheep packs. I used to spend way more money on this game than I do currently because of all the amazing packs that were appearing left and right. Now its…sheep. I am not paying $15 or 2k runes for 3 sheep. If you have seen a decrease in revenue, look at your sheep packs!!! Add sheep as a bonus on other packs if you want but packs that are literally JUST sheep and are massively overpriced are never going to have the selling power of those 200 energy packs and similar. Also, I say this as someone who LOVES the addition of sheep into the game. I love sheep and I use them exclusively on my 5* and they have helped me a LOT. That doesn’t mean that I am willing to blow $15 for three of them.

I know most of my clan-family is cancelling subscriptions over this and several people have quit or want to quit. Since we are 100 players across four clans with varying levels of expertise, experience, and income, I feel confident that the issues we are having are at least somewhat representative of the player base. Ludia, this is insane. Please fix this. Your user base is losing interest very fast.


I cancelled my subscription today. And if the game keep doing this kind of things to the player, I will quit too.
I’ve never ever pay for a mobile game before, this game is my first one and I feel I am such a fool to pay for a game with so many bugs. The developers don’t even show respect to their customers, they just take away the resources we paid real money for without even a slightest warning.
I play this game because I really love HTTYD, I want to keep close to the characters even the movies are over, but now seems the game push me away from my favorite movies. So sad.


I did cancel my sub. The

game het worser by Every update.


Thank you for the feedback, @shinobara. I will share this with our team.

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You have to fix this quick, Ludia. I know why you did this. People had to mutch energy and runes. That way you only made money on Flight Club.

The problem is that people are stopping with Flight Club pretty fast atm. So the thing you did to make more money will have the other effect. Less subscriptions and people wont pay for runes+energy when they feel you force them.

I hope almost everyone will cancel Flight Club until you fix this. Its a long way over the line for what you can do to a player base, who kept on playing this buggy game.


Everyone should cancel there subs to change this update to something more reasonable.
This is the worst update ever.
It’s slowed progress down to much. If the dutys have to stay the same the rewards should be a lot higher.


So, that’s all you can say to us? thank you for your feedback? at least say something reassuring, or revert those awful duties to the last one, quickly. not a week, or even a month. 2-3 days is the limit, people will keep canceling their FC subs, and some are considered quitting.

@shinobara, i agree o to all your points especially 1st and 3rd point . as a f2p myself, i always benchmark how a game hold up for f2p, and i had set my limit, what is enjoyable as f2p and what’s not. before update it was enjoyable. now? i’ll quit within 3 days.
that saying, the p2p player is also canceling their FC, so, this is a seriously bad update, frustrating, and the developer started to looked unprofessional, looks like they are not testing this update thoroughly, if they tested the new duties themselves, they will know how we’re gonna feel, staring at the duty chest to fill up keys for 24 hours rather than staring at it full to claim it in 7more hours.


Agree with all of you guys! (shinobara, Mochi, FarmerJay, CR7 …)
Originally, I did not want to post, because all had been written already, but I have to - I am simply too pissed off with the attitude - especially, when developer just annouces SOME changes, but “forgets” to announce the setbacks (e.g. removing runes from duties chests).

I was considering Flight Club subscription, now I am glad I did not do it.

Keep it like that Ludia, and I will quit instead of giving you money, just like many other players! You are making the game worse and worse…

P.S.: I have no problems paying for a game / subsription - for another (city-building) game I spent over 2000 EUR already, but there it was worth it…


lets face it… it was only marginally interesting to start with. its a basic 5 color puzzle game… with cool dragons that everyone loves from the movies… that was really the only unique thing about the game.

…and its become so difficult and pointless to obtain and level up the dragons. its pretty much just boring and grinding instead of challenging or fun. its a joyless grind.

with the exception of a few hardcore players who just really want to be the best at something… no one is going to invest time or money into something that should be, at its heart, fun and entertaining.


I do believe there are enough post to show exactly what have gone wrong. And action always speaks louder than words. I have already cancelled my flight club subscription, along with at least 7 other of my clan mates. I sincerely hope Ludia takes immediate action to remedy the situation and find ways to restore our confidence with the company.


The alpha chest now has levels that’s why

Alpha chest always had levels


I agree with everyone who is here.
You cannot force us to spend our money only because you are making it harder and harder.
Please I am begging you: Do something until you have the time. I loved this game so much and I still love it but even I am think about that I’ll stop playing this game. I invested so much money into this game. But nobody force me to do that. That was my own free will. But now you’re forcing us to spend our money. And that is a completely different situation. Please do something and fast please. I hope that you’ll make the right decision.


Realy, oh i never noticed that bevore :sweat_smile:

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My sub is canceled till they fix the chests and duties. This is insanity.


@Mr.Cancel I completely agree with you and @shinobara. I needed a cooldown before I say anything to this update because I was so upset.
My main point is simply that - like shinobara said - the description of the update not even had a word about duties and chests in it. I don‘t feel like the devs are interested in their player’s opinion at all, yes, but not announcing such big changes is betrayal in my opinion.
The other issue I‘m having with the description is that there was something like „this update focuses on bug fixes“ and I just thought „Jesus, yes, finally an update with mainly bug fixes, no new content except from some graphics, I can FINALLY play at least with half the amount of bugs!“ (since they only announced to fix half of the known bugs and mainly some visual things - there are some long known bugs that really affect gameplay e.g. healing bug of Anveil etc. that never have been fixed since beta). And guess what? They‘re pushing out (bad) new content and causing worse bugs than the ones before (Astrid‘s duty stuck, can‘t see health bars in some battles and therefore not calculate hits easily, …).
I‘m completely f2p, never invested money ever in a mobile game, and therefore I‘m not even a Flight Club member (yet). But I must confess, I heavily thought about subscribing. The bugs and my game crashing down due to memory leaks prevented me from that so far and I made the choice that if this update offers the promised bug fixes, I‘ll finally subscribe, and just hope the fixing goes on.
But this way? Never ever. I‘m even thinking about quit playing because ingame energy-save-mode doesn‘t work anymore and causes my device to overheat. I have to wait and restart the game after every single battle to prevent it from crashing. And I‘m not the only one with this problem so it can‘t be my fault that the app is not running stable.




@Ned I guess I’m cancelling my subscription, send out a patch with more then half of the update not being on the list of updates. Harder challenges with lack of rewards.


This update did more harm than good. The duties are much harder now instead of getting 2 duties chests a day I’ll have a very hard time getting even 1. Some of Astrid’s duties don’t work. The chest aren’t that much of a reward anymore. First you take the 50 runes out of exploration, then you take the runes out of the alpha chests and energy out of the duties chests. What’s next? You gonna take runes out of quests too? With the lack of energy we won’t be able to get much done. And no, replacing runes w/ trust points isn’t going to make anyone happy. You’re make so the only real benefit of Fight Club is runes, but even w/ that, it still isn’t worth it. I’d rather play the game the way it was before the update. None of this was in the release notes for the update.

Are you trying to make everyone quit this game? Because if you keep heading down this path, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. People aren’t going to want to play a game if they feel forced to spend money to play.


Cancelled my sub today and may come back when bugs are fixed. Way too many issues as others have noted here. There really doesn’t seem to be any value in being a Flight Club member with these new updates.