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Very good move Ludia!


Not having to pay hard cash to replay bugged strike events! Keep up the good work!

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Same problem for me, you are ironic or not?


No, i tried to replay for 200 hard cash, game wouldn’t start, and after i restarted the game it was free again, just battle button, no retry for 200

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Confirm I didn’t have to pay 200 cash. Well done Ludia!


So it’s free to retry?


Bugged twice, restarted the game, battle again, no charge, altough @wrothgar said it didn’t work for him…


Only if it bugs on first try.


First bug

second bug
Third time the charm for me…


Mine bugged out on yesterdays epic… showed as 2 of 2 losses. And it would not let me pay to retry the battle… today its showing as I only have one loss… gonna try it out in a bot.


If it keeps happening then why keep using the same tactic? Scrap the bird and use something else.


I did and won the third time. Second time was free and i did it to confirm the bug for other people…


My wife had the exact same problem when she switched to the bird when the Indorex cloaked. She had to wait the entire 300 seconds or what ever it is but then it continued and played the 2x invincibility shield and finished Indo off in two final hits.