Very High armor % Creature

Till now! The Creature that have highest Armor is Carbonemys with 50% Armor! But wut if we can have a higher?


what is your counter? to be viable it must have an counter right?

I think those have way too much hp for having so much armor.


-The legendary needs a basic move (0 cooldown move).
-Both hybrids also have way too much health considering how much armour they have and it also doesn’t make sense based on their components.
-Where does the legendary get the head butt from? Carboto only has it from Nasuto’s swap in stun strike.
-For the unique, something with damage, health, and armour that insanely high cannot possibly also have a healing rampage, all those resistances, and 2 additional heal passives.

I like the epic though, should have more stuff with armour.

carbo has 60% armor, not 50%

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The unique is extremely overpowered. 90% armour with 7000 health?!


Carbo has 60% armour the last time I checked and that’s the most it will go to and I think is enough .

I could see an Apex turtle or ankylosaur having upwards of 70% armor, but I don’t think we’ll ever see more than that. Anything with that much defense would also have to have pretty paltry attack, too, to keep it balanced.

With 90% and 7000 hp, it’s damage should be like apatosaurus level

actually carbo has 60%
and clopelto is OP