Very odd opponent

I’m level 11 and for me the usual frustrations in matches go my way about as often as they don’t, so I can’t complain. Last night I had a weird one, and it happened so fast I didn’t get much information. Tied 2 to 2, opponent swaps out to a Dino with opacity low enough to almost see through that hits me with something like 4400 damage and I’m out. I had have never seen the low opacity thing or anywhere near that much damage especially first hit after swapping in. I watched my prior opponents all evening to see if someone just had a really high level Dino, but all I saw was teams pretty much the same as mine - somewhere between 13 and 18. What in the world could that have been? Any ideas?

UPDATE-I found a YouTube video with exactly the same scenario that answered my question! An Indo cloaked… I had never seen that before! WOW! Pretty vicious…Hope I don’t see it too often!


Lol it will become a very common sight eventually unfortunately

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I had that happen more then once i told support and all they said was thats odd and we r aware and fixing it like i was in a battle and hit a common raptor that should have taken it down and it said 0 damage that had happened alot and nothing is done support on this game is aware of that and of the they take out one and the games says they win and still happpens to me alot it has lots of issues and they should have worked out all the issuse before release but i believe that they just care how much money they can make and support will respond when they feel like it with crap u want to hear so bad stuff dont get posted and make them look bad

Used right, an I.rex + cloak is scary! I’m also level 11 and thanks to the Halloween event I have a level 18 Indominus Rex. Using AP Rampage (attack x2) and cloak (50% chance to dodge and next attack x2) = dead dino. :grin:

Until they swap in Alanqa or Alankylo with Swap-In invincibility and your Indominus does zero damage lol.

That being said, I still use Indom on my team!

Thankfully, it’s me that swaps to Alanqa. I don’t remember ever having that trick pulled on me before. Probably because I tend to leave my I.rex to last. That way I can get into a better position to cope with any RNG nonsense.

Yeah thats a good tactic using it last, I do that mostly but if I just want a quick win ill chance it and bring out Indominus rex first and go for a quick kill…you would be surprised just how often it works!

Or cloaking then instantly swapping to something else to force them to waste their shield or invincibility (in the case of Trago) then swapping back in for the kill ^_^!

Another great thing I tend to do is I will leave one of my dinosaurs nearly dead, and then when they their Indom goes for its big hit, I swap in the low health Dino as a sacrifice LOL.

i deal with that all the time its like it takes ur damage there damage and both critacl and gives it to one dino and bam u loose

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i love this :rofl: @Pateradactyl

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I edited to make sure I wasn’t identifying anyone hope that helps @jay1