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Very productive week!


I darted 16 of the 18 on Erlik, 2 Anky because I just couldn’t find any more Erliks (seemed to be less event drops). Then today I shot 1 Erlidom got it to 25 from 22 (still 1200 Erlik left but no Rex), 3 Tryko, got it to 25 as well from 23, and 1 Diorajasaur just because I wanted to create it, had 110 previously and got 140 exact! Then I darted for my son, 3 shots on Tryko got it to 22, 2 shot son Diora just to create it, and then with the Erlikosaurus epics got his Erlik to 20 and made Erlidom and got it to 22! So all in all this was a very fun weekend!

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