Very suspicious Anyone having the same issue

The issue of winning a match totally outplaying your opponent and suddenly connection issue pops up out of the blue, and your stuck unable to choose a move and automatically doing the basic attack is happening more often I don’t know if it is a known issue, it’s very sus when there’s no issues before or after and I have started logging all the players that I face and seeing a pattern, had another issue of being locked down for 4 turns instead of 2 happening a few times when there’s a chance of me winning this one is slightly less suspect because it haven’t happened enough yet for me to get too suspicious. But I know a few in my alliance having the same connection issue popping up when they are on for a definite win just checking if it’s known issue

Excuse any grammar mistakes not my strongest point so sorry if it looks like I’m uncontrollably ranting :joy:

Yeah happens to me quite often. Very frustrating.

Yeah I don’t think it’s a bug that’s why I didn’t put it as a bug report my post was changed probably not the best title, I genuinely think it’s cheating, I haven’t a problem with losing if I’m out played or just unlucky not to have the counters but when it’s stuff like this annoyed or frustrated are not strong enough words

It’s happened to me a few times, most recently my first battle after unlocking Arena 7, so extra frustrating. Seems like a brand new bug to keep the other bugs company. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah a bug which happens at just the right time for your opponent and happening when battling specific players the same names crop up then it’s fine until you battle them same specific players my alliance are thinking of making a discord channel to document suspect battles and the names linked to them to see if there’s a pattern and route out cheaters there’s probably nothing that can be done or will be done though, but once we have enough report them to support