Very unfortunate crashes


Ok so I have been playing for a few weeks now and I’m enjoying the game a lot, runs pretty smooth most of the time as well… but when it DOES crash, oh man this is getting ridiculous.

So far, the game crashed on me a grand total of 4 times. The last time being just now.
Three of those were freezing on the drone loading screen, which would not have been all that annoying if not for the fact that ALL 3 of them were on the epic T-rex, which offcourse disappeared after rebooting the game so causing me to miss the DNA…

And the 4th crash? That is getting it’s own paragraph because now that I have a bit more experience at the game I realise how messed up it was (had no idea back then how bad it was).
You see, this crash was my very first crash. It was on the day after I started playing. I enjoyed the game, so I decided to make a profile, link to facebook, no longer be just a ‘guest’ player. It crashed the game, froze, had to reinstall, lost my 1 day of progress because I did not have an account saved yet (oh the irony). I was annoyed but hey, still liked the game so I figured how big of a downside could one day of lost progress be, really? That lost day just so happened to be the day INDORAPTOR WAS IN PARKS. I had no idea how rare that thing was, so now that I am more experienced I realise how much it sucks that i lost my indo DNA. Sure, I got to use one of my three attempts at Blue on my new account… and to be fair I was not good enough to collect an epic in 3 attempts anyway so I still would not have gotten her, but that indo DNA loss really stings…

Anybody know if there’s anything I can do to get that fixed? I probably just have to suck it up, I know, but it really sucks.


Hey Bobbylotion, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having crashing issues, and I understand it can be really frustrating. However, our FAQ here could help:

As for your old account, if you remember the support key or the gamertag for that account, contact our support team at with that information, and they might be able to assist you.


Yes, I have seen that exact FAQ page before and I’m afraid it’s of no help at all…

And I cannot remember anything about the old account because the point is that it was a random guest account; the crash happened while I was registering (or rather trying to register) using the same credentials I am using now for my current account.


Would it be possible to get a reply on this? The old account retrieval is not an option, because even if it still exists I have no other progress on there except for the Indoraptor DNA…


Hey Bobbylotion, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help. Sadly, If you had the Indoraptor DNA on your old account, going through the account recovery process would usually be the only way. If you contacted our team here at with your current support key and as much information you can remember for your old account, they might be able to assist you further with this. If you had already reached out to our team, avoid sending in another email before they get a chance to reply because it could reset your position in the queue.