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Vexus or daryx?

Vexus or Daryx? Not sure how I’ll use my darwinopterus. Hoping for your enlightenment!

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@Paine26 do vexus

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I use daryx bc of its troll ability against trykos, dios and tanks in general.

The probably with Daryx is it’s entire kit is one giant contradiction. It has two swoops which are automatic swap outs but also has no escape to keep the target from escaping?

The only way to really play Daryx normally is swap in, do the lethal swoop while you’re still locked down and then go from there.

Replace one of the swoops with a normal bleed instead and I would call it viable.


Stig has 4050 health base Vexus has 5032 health base
Stig has 1000 damage base Vexus has 1458 damage base
Stig is 128 base speed Vexus is 129 base speed.

Stygidaryx has gained a little in this new environment because of the lack of shield breakers and it’s no escape ability.
It can swap in under an invincible shield. That last for two attacks…
So sometimes that shield is still up with your next attack. Which means a resilient strike if your opponent has no speed control, or a cleansing swoop if they do. Resilient strike can equalize speed control, so you have to pay attention to what hit you, when you swooped in.
If you do that resilient strike. You have options against an opponent who most likely can’t hurt you.
Daryx also has enough bulk to do a lethal swoop now. (Daryx can’t leave just yet due to the swap in ability) but the bulk let’s it take a hit.
Daryx can next turn do a instant invincibility (no escape) means your opponent takes more damage.
You might be able to finish off your opponent with a resilient strike or cleansing swoop on out and have something else come in, while the DOT’s stack.
Sounds great, but there are not too many high tiered creatures that don’t have some form of speed control or shield breaking. When you use your instant invincibility you have to watch out for speed reduction.
In most cases… it’s swap in, against giant non shield attack, and against something that can’t kill you the next hit, and cleansing swoop on out, which gives it good synergy with other swap in creatures.

It does have two decent 100% resistances, with one being swap prevention, and the other DOT.

Also it’s a creature that makes good use of Hit point and speed boost, and this allows you to put your damage boost somewhere else. So resources can determine what to build as well for people who see damage boosts as their premium desired resource…

A level 30 build with 10/0/20 Would be 6153 health 1215 damage and 168 speed.
A level 30 build with 20/0/10 Would be 7384 health 1215 damage and 148 speed.
A level 30 build with 15/0/15 Would be 6768 health 1215 damage and 158 speed.

Cost to build lots of stigmoloch gen 2 which is everywhere (about 300,000 DNA) as well as Hatzegopteryx (about 160,000 dna). You will need maybe 16,000 Darwin DNA.

Has a long list of 100% resistances. Including against speed decrease.
So Vexus can swap in with a DOT and still be able to do it’s next move.
Which will most likely be a distract or a pinning strike. (This is a thinking decision) Most people will want to escape, so if you play it right you can frustrate your opponent.
If you pinned first you have a myriad of options.
You can do another pin if you are finishing the person off.
In some cases you might use your minor swoop, which might finish your opponent off. But you don’t fly away.
Distraction might be useful to survive a rampage attack which means saving the minor swoop away for the next opponent.

Boost resource usage. Daryx has two 1.5 attacks, this means you might choose to take advantage of that and use your damage boost. So this means finding the right boost set up to meet your current competition level, and possibly changing it in the future when you face a different level of competition.
You need bulk, because you are swooping in against high damage tanks and taking at least 2 hits.
You will want speed because you will want to swoop away against high damage fast creatures and take advantage of the fact you can’t be slowed.
A level 30 build with 6/10/14 Would be 5786 health 1823 damage and 157 speed.
A level 30 build with 8/20/2 Would be 6038 health 2187 damage and 133 speed.

Cost to build lots of gallimus (about 160,000 DNA) Monolophosaurus (about 16,000 dna). You will need maybe 30,000 Darwin DNA.

From a Min/max perspective Daryx is a better option. It is easier to build, and is fun to annoy people with and you don’t use your precious damage boost…
Overall though, Vexus is bit more powerful. It can swoop in to do a very annoying DOT to most tanks and live to tell about it without being slowed down. It has a nullifying attack to deal with shields and the occasional person who still thinks cloaks are still viable (They are not) It has a distraction to help survive. A long list of very good 100% resistances including speed reductions, stun, vulnerable, DOT. and swap prevention. (50% against distract and rend)


Good one

you are a little wrong with stats, actually vexus has more health and damage than daryx, at level 26 vexus has 4140 health and 1200 damage, daryx at level 26 has 4050 health and 1000 damage


Vexus is much better. Stigy kinda stinks


Don’t listen to them Stigy you are a beautiful creature :grinning: Daryx is kinda fun against the people still running Indoraptors/Ellrli heavy teams…

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Dimodactylus… wait… you asked for Darwin options ah… erm does Dimodactylus count? :rofl:


Thank you. Fixed it. At least I had the boost allocations done correclty.

agree, no attacks basically

I like its set and I usually play with her great, but I think Lethal swoop should have no delay.

Cleanse swoop should have delay just to be able to deal more DoT like Spinota does.

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Both. The swapping in & out will drive your opponent nuts, especially if they don’t have their shield breakers selected.