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Vibration On/Off

When a creature is in that little circle around you, the phone vibrates. It would be nice to have an On/Off button for it


I can’t believe after ask this time they still haven’t given us this option… But we can have blood.

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Ik its kinda weird. I hope Ludia sees this post tho

There are threads since 2018 asking for this option… But I guess they don’t do it because you can’t earn money with it :money_mouth_face:

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I believe you have to go in your phones app settings for JWA and revoke Vibration rights from it

Mobile settings /sound and vibration settings/ vibration intensity/notifications. work for me on android

They do have blood. There is an on and off button in the settings

I know that’s the point I’m making, you can turn blood an and off but not vibration.

Mine doesn’t idk why

As long as you don’t mind not getting notifications go to Do Not Disturb settings and mess with the vibration settings there. When you turn it on, no vibration! That’s how I do it, at least XD

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Yeah but that’s not working on Honor/Huawei phones as far as I know. I had to install a separate app to manage it

Which app have u installed for that?

It’s called “silent mode toggle” from cug apps. It’s s basically a silent mode like in the phone, but this one overrules everything.

Fair play, I can’t see why there isn’t an on/off option for it, but I fail to see why the vibration is an issue. Does it make any real difference or cause problems?

When I’m tryna play the game at 1 am running a Giga, I can’t have my family just hearing;

Bzzz. Buzz-zzz

That’s why mine’s always off XD


Fair play. I can understand that.

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