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Victory and got 1 coin

oh developer team, why

please, don’t ask me for informations

Hahaha!! You only got 1!! :rofl: I find that the most hilarious glitch I’ve seen so far!!
But that is strange seeing how you got only 1, I don’t find that natural so it’s definitely some kind of bug.

glitch, glitch everywhere

3 dragons in the same position --> 6 wings

Oh my, that’s one hilarious prank (eh, glitch). It’s like mine of yesterday; I played level 33 of Burning Barrens, was notified I lost, and when I played again, I was notified I lost but in the Red Death’s energy it had a negative number that was “the damage I dealt it”, then the level suddenly changed to me having won and the pointer going up and the story progressing… I don’t think it was even a real win, but if it was, shouldn’t I be given a premium dragon card? Well, I was not given a card, or any other rewards (money or xps) for it whatsoever.

But if you do want their support team to give you any answers and try amending the error, you will have to give them details eventually. You know that, right?

(And now I checked the date and saw your post is over 2 months old. Sorry for butting in. You don’t even have to answer that question, and not just because it was supposed to be rhetorical. Have a nice game day!)

Well, well, well… aren’t those dragons getting cosy? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: