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Victory! And just in time!


I had to start a new game like 6 days after the new tournament because, Google terminated one of my accounts and I lost all of the progress. And man, this last week, I’ve been stuck in the middle of rhe badlands arena getting my butt kicked non-stop. I was , oh man, I’m never going to get enough trophies in time. Yesterday, I don’t know what happened but I had a real lucky streak going on, when I had 30 minutes to try and change arenas before I had to start the service for my church. And, at last Ludia blessed me, and I FINALLY AFTER 7 DAYS, surpasses 2500 trophies, and I ran outside and I screamed up to a sun with a victorious cry! So I’ve made it into the tournament at nearly the last minute, and I might not get a huge prize, but at least I’ll get something because I really want more diplodocus.


My account was down too, but I was able to make the 4500 mark.:smiley:


Watching the leader teams was fun- what resilience!


Yeah i was shocked i stayed as high as i did after not battling for a few days.

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I was dropping so I battled and was knocked below 250 the RNG had it out for me.


Ouch :frowning: im sorry.


Hey it’s part of the game and at our level RNG will decide more than I like to admit. When I had a stegodeus crit on me twice the same match I knew it was gonna go badly

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I rarely see my Stegodeus crit once.