Video crisis. Please help

Yes i did,i can´t watch some gamingbeaver

I usually only post 1 video a day even if I have multiple ready, views drop when I post multiple in a day (Like this week doing 4 videos in 2 days but releasing them spread out)

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I also make my own strategies for raids lately carrying dinos you don’t usually see in raids like indotaurus and phorurex. Those are now some of my top videos

Beaver might teach you to survive in a game, but School teach u to survive in real World. (But i love beaver video lol)

Yeah very strategy hehe

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That’s how I find this game I played JW game I and sA him doing this so I got it.

Guys I dont want you to get into trouble. If you have a regular google account use that


I am used that right now buddy

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