Video Editing For Battles

This topic is for everything related to making and editing your videos!


i use samsung’s gametools, because its the only allowed to record ingame audio instead of microphone in my phone.

then i edit in computer, because start a record is 1-button from floating gametools button, but to stop i have to drag down notifications area and touch there, so we can see my whatsapp notifications, email etc. so i edit to remove this annoying view.

and any editing takes me to render again. well, takes some minutes from copying file to computer, edit and render, but nothing very time consuming anyway.


oh i use the gaming tools to record. then i edit with inshot. i could add music etc that way. i yry not to get to fancy. everything done on phone.

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there are 2 apps that confuse me. one is called “video maker” (videoguru) and the other just “inshot” (inshot), but its bizarre both are listed inside “inshot” company apps. the translated names for me are the same, except “videoguru” one is called “youtube video editor - inshot” (after translated), and the other just “video editor - inshot”.

both seem too similar.

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I’ll try to post some tonight when I get home


yep, it’s the:

thanks. i’ll use it instead of desktop, i see it compacts the video too. :blush:

:heart_eyes: :blush:

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It takes more than a few minutes. If i edit a video that’s about 30min in length, it could take more than an hour or two just to save it and then about the same amount of time to upload it. Some of my longer videos have taken 4-6 hours just to save and 2-4 hours to upload to YouTube. I do a little more with the editing than most people so its my fault it takes so long but it would still take a while if i didn’t take the time to polish it up a little.

yeah definitely a 30 minute vid would take more time. i do them in matches and dont pretty them up. i dont add logos or give credit to ppl for stealing their music :joy:. so editing and uploading only takes me a few minutes.

some of my 5 minute work… :joy:


i really think thats all hes asking for…


i was talking about just a battle recorded, with these top monster teams. no editings needed, maybe just a cut.

may be dramatic a max level high boosted thor against a ardentismaxima or a quetzorion against a maxed erlikospyx, or some like.

and for top players a few trophies can change from 5 to 2nd place and something like.

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“i can wait forever…” :musical_note:

Just did a quick search on YouTube “jurrasic world alive battle”, sorted by upload date, and found a new channel with just a few battle videos. Those look like pretty max level stuff to me!

Edit: Their latest battles also feature @TheMaxx on this forum.