Video evidence of testa

I found this funny as I’ve had it myself, clearly not funny for the opponent, but @Ned please make sure the team sees this, Testa taking out an entire team, solo, in shores. It shouldn’t be possible.


The second half of the video also highlights that Testas counters aren’t countering it, swapping in Gryp would be a great choice but it can’t be pinned, it says its resistant, Its barely resistant, if for some amazing stroke of opponents luck it does lock my Deer in place, i just cleanse and get him out next turn. MRhino has armour and the ability to break shields and armour, yet still loses, and the reason I’m making this thread is clear, as soon as i face another Deer, just like the guy in the video I swap mine out, for the pure fact that I can’t justify 3 days 14 hours and 58 minutes for a single battle.

I actually took the Deer off my team for several days cause of the pure pain of PvP when you meet another Testa, then I realised how stupid i was removing the most OP creature in the game, so it’s back on lol

I don’t know how you guys can fix it, what I do know is that when I’m PvP with 2 creatures other than Tes, its not painful, its a game of wits. As much as having the most OP creature in the game is fun at times, its truly making PvP a long dull nightmare.


Yep, the deer is still disgustingly OP. Something needs to be done.


Hear, hear!!!


Its the armour + the counter causing the problem and devastation somewhat you could make it a precise rampage to HEAVILY reduce the damage Testicornibus can deal


throw the right counter its not that hard he used 3 things that stood no chance…plus knowing this guy he has 2o where the deer got slaughtered :stuck_out_tongue: its been nerfed what more do you want


It wasn’t nerfed, the changes haven’t made a noticeable difference at all. Instead of watching Skoona closely they need to watch Testa a lot more closer. @Ned

The counter needs to go and the 45% armour needs to be lowered. It’s stupid having a deer lugging around that much armour on its back.

And the right counters lmao. Majority of the time the opponent swaps Testa out when they see the right counter then bring it back when the counter is dealt with.


just wait till most have strong indotauruses and it will get abused. literally can 1 shot it with its cloak

This is a genuine question.

Did the devs test out Testa at all before creating it the way it is?

It was way out of line and we saw a supposed nerf that made absolutely no difference at all. What was the thinking behind this?

Notwithstanding the way it has destroyed any fun the arena may have offered, and forget the fact that Testa vs Testa is just the most boring match up ever, anyone can see the issues that arise from the creation of a self healing, armoured and fast creature like this.

So why Ludia?


Not that I’m that high up in the arenas (just reached aviary) but shouldn’t a well boosted Thor work? Not necessarily good enough to kill it, but for something else to swap in and kill it?

Thor gets destroyed by everything else in shores plus, if it walks into a testa one move in, testa will have devastation ready next turn and Thor won’t live. If not, Testa will just swap to Scorpius G3 and Thor won’t lay a glove on that.
Is grypo the only thing that can swap in and reliably kill it? That’s assuming it doesn’t manage to run away.

Skoona was strong but you could work around it and whittle it down with a variety of dinos yet it’s the one that gets changed. Testa is just bonkers.
Maybe changing SR3’s swap in and adjusting indotaurus would help make more counters viable?


Even though SR3 and compyc (the more problematic of the two) act as the “bodyguards of testa”, they’re fine in that they counter fierce as they are cunning. The problem lies with Testa. If it wasn’t so OP losing a counter or two wouldn’t be the end of the world. It needs to lose some of its resistances, some healing or armor, or have the devastation changed to delayed rampage IMO.

Although I do think more fierce (mortem for example) should have on escape moves to deter swapping in on though. The swap in distraction creatures absolutely nueter most fierce.

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It’s all about money… they want an attainable OP that people will reluctantly start throwing boosts into. Meaning, taking off others on your team for 50%, and then buying in store. It’s why they haven’t had a boost reset as well. They know a few creatures are game changing broken. And they want it that way. Indotaurus is the worst thing in this game, but luckily only a very small few have it high enough, so we haven’t seen it everywhere yet. The complaints will pour in for that thing too soon. But Ludia wants it this way. So you spend boost and get caught in the rat race. I gave that BS up awhile ago. I purposely lose and stay down a few arenas. It’s the last ditch effort I give before uninstaling and giving it up, like so many others lately


Yeah, Testa is doing way too much in the Arena at this point. Good HP, Tanky, Good Attack, Great Speed, only thing it needs is a good crit chance. Plus, it just leaves whenever it’s counters swap in. Testa encounters one of it’s counters? Just swap to their counters, beat their only counter to Testa, and then come back to sweep. Facing Mort or Thor? Just swap in Scorpius 3. Encounter a Grypo? Attempt to leave. Failed? Just try again with CDI or Dig In. Failed again? Devastation. It’s excessive. Honestly, what it needs is to lose is it’s counter heal and Swap Prevention Resistance, Devastation be changed to no longer bypass dodge. (Simply just make two Devastations, one precise and one not, so you don’t ruin other dinos with Devastation.) Also, get rid of about 30% of it’s armor or get rid of some of it’s speed. It’s a giant deer lugging heavy armor around. It shouldn’t be that fast. Either that, or make it like Glyptoceras, Andrewtodon, and Andrewtops, creatures that lose a ton of Armor for a different stat or move.


Of course testa needs toning down but part of why it’s so overbearing is that counters are completely at risk of things like sr3.
Yes sr3 counters fierce as a cunning (though it also counters resilient and most cunnings too), but it’s so effective with that swap in that they are completely shut down. Nothing can swap in and deal with sr3 in return, so having something like Mortem right now is a liability.


I would argue that compyc’s swap is more detrimental to morty then SR3, but I see your point. SR3 does have a phenomenal swap, but after that initial hit it’s pretty vulnerable (hence it’s relatively balanced). It does well decent against some resilient and cunning creatures given it’s both fierce and cunning, while a majority of the meta resilients and even several meta cunnings can shut it down with ease.

I still feel that the true problem is Testa. For instance, if testa is set up, even morty (or really anything else) can’t reliably counter it. It has too few counters and the quality of its wins against most creatures is too high. By simply nerfing testa back to reasonableness, losing one counter wouldn’t spell doom for a player much like it does now.

Furthermore, I feel that giving more fierce chompers such as morty on escape attacks (or at least no escape) would solve a lot of issues and increase the risks of swapping out. This along with a reasonable nerf to Testa would be the best thing for the meta IMO.


Yes, I agree Testa is the main root of the problem, It needs toning down. Like i said I removed it from my team for a very short while, its only then you start to realise how much it carries your team (for the likes of this video carries your whole team on its own!)

Thats not the only video either, that player alone has 3 videos of Testa ploughing through an entire team on its own, which one of them strangely enough has Testa meeting Skoona, the very dino they are “keeping a close eye on” and nerfing, Testa left the battle with practically half its health left i believe.
Practically all the videos have people swapping to Gryp to counter it, and like we’ve said before, it can always escape, literally.

To put it blunt, I’ve never witnessed or seen a video of Scorpy taking out entire teams, I’ve never witnessed or seen a video of Skoona taking out an entire team, I HAVE used Testa to wipe out entire teams and there is videos of it happening for everyone else to see. I don’t know what more Ludia need to see. I whole heartedly understand everyones great points on it being a money maker, 100% facts they are, but if they keep upsetting the players, there simply won’t be any, people are getting tired of it.
I’d love to see a graph relating to the VIP Membership count for the past 6 months, guarantee a heavy snowfall on it and we’d all be sledging down it.


This exactly. Long before Testa was buffed to the moon, creatures with swap in distraction/ evasion moves have been around to thwart fierce chompers.

The root of the issue is still Testa, although many players like to falsely attribute the dominance of testa primarily to the meta swappers. That being said, I want to reiterate that many chompers should be given on escape attacks to help reign in the situation, as nobody knows when the deer will be rebalanced.

There are way too many scenarios that can arise during a match that enable Testa to sweep a team. No other creature comes even close! Even with the introduction of a couple of tryant fierces, the deer still reigns supreme.


What a disgusting team with PhoRAT and RhinoRAT too :roll_eyes:


I’m unsure about more on-escape and no-escape moves being added, particularly damaging ones. There’s certainly been a huge increase in recent patches, likely in response to the complaints about the swap-in meta.

I prefer being able to swap my team members around to better deal with something and losing that flexibility could make games even more rigid than they already are. Maybe just giving Devastation a 2-turn cooldown is enough to provide a more exploitable weakness?

Leave the deer and Ned alone! Buff Testa’s counters!