Video Games Day/ Buffalord Quests Bugs

Dragons spawned with empty health bars but still had health.

Seriously? All the dragons are pent I the corner.
Imo the Video Games Day battles are unfair. You forced to fight with 4-5 dragons of the same color which is extremely hard. Especially when the dragons you’re fight are all strong against you.


Wait what? I think your game might be quite bugged, as far as i’m aware you are normally fighting dragons that are weak against your dragons (so you normally face green dragons when you have to use red ones,…)


Hey Sienna_Meadows, could you send those screenshots over to our team here at along with your support key, so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!

that’s what i got, and it’s fixed, now we face blue instead of red when using all green team, and dragon does not stack. however the last node is buggy on my side, my puzzle board got stuck 3 times, and i lost 21 energy, 200-300 runes as i revived my team on 2nd and 3rd runs. my 1st runs is good and i was lined up to win it in no time when it stuck. 4th time i won without revive, but still hurt to lost that kind of energy and runes too on a bug