Video ingame letter

I click on the letter and it sends me to a live dnd twitch show. How muc if it do have to watch? I dint have hours to watch people play games online.

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Ditto. I don’t mind the cross promotion. But it doesn’t seem like there really is a working mechanism to give rewards for watching the live stream even if someone was to watch the entire thing live.

Has anyone received a reward for watching this?

I haven’t seen anything. In another game I play, going from the game directly into a broadcast is automatically noted and starts a timer. Credit is given after watching for a minimum time (90 minutes for the recent worldwide streaming broadcasts of the World of Tanks championships), but we know what that amount of time is and we know the reward is worthwhile. If the player leaves that broadcast, the timer is reset.

Although this D&D stream is interesting, I can’t bring myself to watch indefinitely knowing neither the time needed or the reward.

Given that they knowingly did not tell us either, I don’t have a good feeling about this. I’m not going to spend an evening and trust Ludia on this one.


There is supposed to be link that comes up in comments. Last time I tried the link didn’t work though. It said click this link, but didn’t seem to be a link.

Hi there is a link shared in the chat, that when clicked from a mobile device opens the game and rewards 80 gems.

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