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Video loading

Does anyone else get this constantly? I get it more often than not.


Yes, sometimes I get three in a row.
So far I did not find the time to report it…thank you.

Same, I reported the issue.

Depending on your device there are some things you can do to lesson the times you see that, or at least in my experience you can.

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Same here!

I’d estimate I get it about 25% of the time. When it happens, it happens continuously (as in, it does no good to try to reload). Just part of the game. Does mean some days I don’t get tickets for the lottery, and I can’t do a second prize wheel spin.

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Most of the time mine works after 2 or three times.
Or I have simply luck until now.

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Thank you! It worked for me.

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I did it. It still doesn’t work, but I noticed something. You are supposed to have the “interest-based ads” toggle enabled and agree to the terms. It would show as green. When I hit agree, mine turns red. Does everyone else’s do that?

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Now they got me too. 9 out of 10 times I got the message that the video could not be played.

Sometimes there is one video repeated over and over again…is anyone else tired of this basketball player as I am.
It could be that the issue is caused by a single add that is faulty and because it is almost permanent the first in the line at the moment the error message occurs so often.

It was doing pretty good for a while until today. I can’t get it to load a video. It just spins. No prize drop videos or extra spins for me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I know Apple just updated and I am wondering if it caused an issue.