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[Video Message] Why Ludia?

This message goes out to the @Ludia_Developers


@Ami has already said they are aware of the issue and looking at it.

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Well they say a picture is worth a 1000 words so maybe a video is worth a million heh.

I must have missed that, do you happen to have a link to it so I can see for myself?

Just view her profile.

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Well done, Stiffeno! Crazy how Ludia keeps finding the time to create new bugs and mess-ups, but they cant find the time to fix issues that have been reported a million times for the longest time.


Yeah I thought it was high time that our voiced complaints had a voice lol, thus the video message :slight_smile:


And why they have to pack the chat and DNA request together ? Can’t they just separate them ?


Yeah ive been thinking the same thing!

Have one tab for chat and the other for requests!


Yeah they say they are aware of it. It’s been well known and reported since alliance missions were created. I mean how difficult could it be to fix this?

Oh that’s right they instead work on implementing stat boost, mammals, and sanctuaries to the game instead of fixing what’s broken.


Im really hoping this gets fixed VERY soon as its now beyond a joke, if this company has any self respect they will fix the damn game and stop adding garbage to it IE - Boosts!


Yeah they want to fix what’s not broke (new dart system) and add new content that nobody asked for (mentioned in my last post) and not fix the issues we currently have.

Here’s an idea Ludia.

Hit the pause button and fix the game in its current state instead of adding more issues to your mountain of bugs already.

There’s going to be a lot more than 125 bugs to fix if you keep adding more junk to the game.

Still waiting on that list of 125 bugs fixed for the record.


Ludia’s mentality - “If it aint broken, BREAK IT!”


@Ludia_Developers So once again I have to restart my game because I cant click DNA requests in alliance chat as it is stuck to the bottom of the screen like its attached to a rubber band!

So can you tell us if you even have any intention of fixing this? its beyond a joke how long this has been wrecked.

I will require an actual answer btw, silence isn’t an option.

Edit: If you don’t have much spare time, can you just pause all future features and new dinosaur hybrids and all focus on alliance chat, THEN once its fixed return to the other stuff.


Edit: I used to be a programmer, and from looking at the issue I honestly cant see this taking all that long to fix =/.
I mean obviously id have to see the code itself to be sure, but the nature of the issue and how easy it is to replicate, it would be easy to narrow down.

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@Ludia_Developers It’s been brought to my attention that dispite being 5 months since I posted thia video message, you still havent fixed alliance.

Why havent you fixed it yet?


13 months of broken alliance chat :slight_smile: it’s ok, we’re gonna have an interesting week of events.

So can anyone confirm if Ludia finally fixed alliance chat after 14 months in patch 1.12?

That’s a big fat nope, unfortunately :upside_down_face: At first I thought they had because I didn’t get the usual snapping back crap, but that was just a fluke as the next time I tried looking through alliance chat after playing for an hour or so it was back to the same old same old.

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Its a shame the company doesn’t put as much effort into improving the product as they do monetizing everything.

Seriously @Ludia_Developers What do you even do at the company?

14 montha without fixing such a bug is honestly ridiculous, I refuse to believe you havent been able to find the time in 14 months to fix something that makes the game look bodgy as.


Will fixing bugs get them money? No. Will pausing on new content help the game? For the casual and free to play side yes. The paying customers want better content and new things. In fact this update and the ones before (1.10 and 1.11) are quite lacking in new creatures. Fine, the previous 2 had a lot of changes given the time between updates. This one… was… lazy. To be honest, they only needed to do 4 things creature wise and it would be a band aid on a bullet wound.

  1. Megacelos x Dsungaia
  2. Entelodon x Mammotherium
  3. Titanoboa isnt stuffed down someone’s trousers but huntable in parks or forested areas/swamps
  4. A superhybrid for something. Euoalankylo for example

Bugs need to be fixed and made a priority for someone to fix. Get a full time programmer to work through the code and fix the bugs while coding new content.


Yeah I cant see why they cant have one person/group fixing bugs while the normal devs work on content.

Unless they are getting cheap on Dodgson!