Videos and redirect


Since today I’m playing with Jurassic World and Jurassic Park Builder.
I have a doubt,I’m writing it here,hoping to solve it!
I’ve had it with Jurassic Park Builder but I think it’s the same in Jurassic World.
I find Jurassic World commands much more well done than the confused Jurassic Park Builder’s ones. While it’s normal to explore the game to understand how it works,I’ve stumbled on ‘earn more free’ and ‘play more video’,something like that.
Earn more opened a page,earnbucks.
Play more video opened a Harry Potter game video,then my Play Store for the game.
I’m honestly worried for the safety of these adv and this system.
May the developers please confirm it’s safe? Especially for earnbucks,I’m very doubtful.
Also,with Jurassic World,because of my adv-cutting smartphone options,I can’t visualize videos unless I modify that option,contrary to Jurassic Park Builder. I wonder why I have to watch a video to obtain a rare dinosaur if I won it in the game? I suppose the videos and pages are the same,so I’m of course doubtful with Jurassic World too.
Hope it’s clear and to get an answer! Thank You!


Hey Archaeologist, sometimes there are offers shown in the game and they should be safe. However, the security is for any offers within the game only. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team here at I hope that helps!