Videos cannot be played in order to speedup incubators


Before you sound diplomatic, frankly, the solution with reopening the video won’t get me chance to replay, instead it cost me cash immediately.
So, another glitch to be reckoned with? Name me one accomplishment by you other than fixing bugs?


I had the same issue and this is how I fixed i! Click on the incubator you want to speed up and when you are on the incubator and it has money to speed!

Force close and reopen the app and it should be back to watching videos!

After I did this the videos returned


If they short the money to develop this game, just simply dismiss their support department. You just did a much better job than I ever experience from them. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Did it work?


I will test it next time it bumps up, which presumingly won’t take long. But I kinda already believe it will work


Usually if the incubator isnt showing watch if i click into it and then out the watch will pop up. Might wanna try that instead of going the force close route.


Hey TeaRekz, are you getting any error message when you’re trying to watch a video to speed up your Incubator? Our team would be more than happy to take a look at this and see if they’re able to prevent this issue from happening again. Contact them here at with your support key and more information included in your email. If you do not see a video speed up option, it should appear after the timer has reached a certain time, this can even apply to the 15 min Incubators because you’ll need to wait a bit before the cash option changes to the video one.


When I had the issue that didn’t work! I would still see the pay amount until I tried the force closing!


I say let’s try using these fragments to create a drama play :rofl:


Hey TeaRekz, thanks for providing those screenshots, however, it looks like that error could be device related. Are you having this issue watching videos through any other apps as well? Our support team could take a look at this if you reached out to them and they might be able to provide some additional troubleshooting.