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As one of the few guys who probably play this game I absolutely love it, the stories are well written, the character art is amazing, and the difference in personality between characters really shows! This game has helped me with my confidence about using online dating platforms (still not confident enough to put myself out on Tinder, I’ve always been more of the flirt in person type.) My only complaints are that I feel like I have already swiped on every girl on the game and now I’m waiting on everyone! I know it takes a lot of time to come up with characters and new stories but I was hoping for a female limited time character like we got on Halloween. Another thing I wish the game had is the ability to recognize me by my gender because I feel like a lot of the female characters in the game treat my character like a girl (especially on dates!). Overall I do enjoy the game though!


Well said :clap::thinking:

Absolutely agree with your views on the female matches, of the four I’d matched with ( just to grind gems) it felt like their stories were written to play out more for a feminine not masculine match.

I agree about our character gender. It seems like most of the time the matches treat us like as if we are girls… even female matches. But perhaps making our character gender specific would require some minor rewrites? So that’s understandable. In the case of Tomas Antol though, I notice he used “They” to refer us

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The game creators seem to have made the game as gender neutral as possible so that everyone can enjoy it.

It doesn’t bother me if they use gender neutral pronouns and it’s not something I have seen other users complain about.

I’m glad you feel like the game has given you more confidence in yourself, that’s nice to hear.