Viewing Dinos in player profile

image So what’s up with not allowing players to see what another player’s Dino’s moves & info is if the individual doesn’t have that particular dino yet?! When you “view profile” on another player and go to look at a specific dino, it just refers you to weekly calendar. :-1: This is how I learned & decided if I want to put in the hard work for a specific “unique” Dino and how to battle it without having to leave the game. What’s the deal? Is this a glitch or something changed permanently with latest update? I attached a picture of an example with players info blacked out & I was trying to view Mortem Rex on this particular player


Noticed it this morning too. I wanted to check out which hybrids to create and it just told me ‘where to find’. Take away my ability to see yet-to be unlocked creatures? Fine, never mind. But this is overkill.

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To see their stats press and hold. To see yours if it’s unlocked, just press it. It’s always been press and hold, but they added the other recently. It’s useful for side by side comparison.

Now i cant entertain my self by watching IDGT and the gang team 's creature in their team :frowning:

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I think it’s bugged to show what your creatures stats are for the creature you click. If I clicked a tryko from someone else, my tryko would show up


No they removed that option completely to hold down and view stats & info for a dino you don’t have

Thank you for confirming same issue! I was hoping it wasn’t just a glitch on my end. I really enjoyed that feature.

Yeah I can confirm the press and hold now displays your Dino’s info if you’ve unlocked it or tells you to watch out for events if you haven’t.