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Vikings New Age looking for active player

Hello all,

I’m leader of Vikings New Age and I’m looking for active players. I don’t care about your combat points but for your activity.
We are currently 4 players deffeating up to 3* alfas. We were in a bigger clan but the leader stopped playing and it started dying.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

We have 6 members over 4k now. If you want to grow with us, don’t doubt it, we will help you to grow fast!

Can I join

Of course! Tell me your name and number or search for the clan name.

We are now 9 members!

We are building a great squad with people around the globe… don’t miss this oportunity. We are aiming now for the 4* alfa.

Growing step by step!

Hello there!
We are still missing people. We are already 10 active players aiming for 5* Alfa’s right now. Join us!!

Hello all! Still looking for a nice clan? Join us! Don’t worry about your team, we can help you to grow fast!

We are now 11 active players and growing!
We are now facing 5* alfas and helping lower members to grow fast!

Looking to join I play on a daily basis but current clan has only 2 other active players

I’ll invite you now.

Already invited! Just leave your clan and you will see the invitation.

It says clan is full

Cleaning up places right now!

3slots right now :slight_smile: waiting for you!

I’m waiting for response from support team as to why the game thinks I joined 3 different clans. Even after the update it still wont let me…bam humbug

Discord server for clan is now available:

I’m Eric. Checking in here! :grinning:

We have now 2 free spots. We need active players who can do around 60k. Currently defeating 7* alphas.

I’m trying to convince the other active player from my last clan…Ding#4575…she throws down a consistent 120k - 150k

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