Villains Pass (Confirmed to be Gigantic Pass)

As the tyrant pass is ending in 2 hours, what dinos do you think will be in the villains pass? I think there will be giganotosaurus, indominus rex and indoraptor

I doubt the last 2. I think Giganyx and Tryostronix will be in the pass instead of Indom and Indoraptor, as those are the 2 shown to have skins currently in game.


Well, Tryo and its hybrid already have a skin in game that isnt unlockeable yet. So i geuss those two will be in the pass


hopefully something i don’t have maxed so the dna can be useful. i’m sure many players feel this way.


Tryo i bet for the free version

Giganyx for the paid version

Wonder why giganyx was buffed :sweat_smile:


Wow indeed, Thor happend the same thing. LOL.


I don’t think they will have indoraptor. We already know that they’ll have giganyx and tryotronyx

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I’m expecting Giga, Tryo, and Giganyx, maybe along with Indom/Indo/Indot and some Spinos.


Maybe they’ll put in rexy again lol to get even more money

I’d guess the common would be velo

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Rexy is not a villain

Maybe the rare would be spino or carno

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She kind of is if you think Jurassic park

Good point

I’m just saying that since Ludia would do that for the cash grab

It is not villains pass

The ones on the bottom used to say collect these through the villains pass.

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To be honest, I could have lived without any. I really feel for new players being pitted against Thor, Rexy, Tryo and Giganyx right from Arena 1.


good point. new players get such an easy handout of everything. the game use to be a grind. now it’s all handed to you or you pay for it.

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