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Vinyl T-Rex skeleton replica in progress

So I finally got this bad boy in the post the other day, and when I opened it, I was surprised that it was cast in vinyl, rather than a more structurally sound hard resin…

Nevermind that the only instructions included were in Chinese, this kit (while fully detailed) is not too stable when mounted. The details in the skull, which includes the inner bits like the braincase and upper palate are well made - in fact, the whole thing seems to be molded correctly - no ill-fitting parts, etc. - but getting this thing to not fall apart is going to be tricky.

When fitted together, the skeleton measures 2’ 4" in length, quite a bigger kit than I had expected. Of course kits like these aren’t mass-produced, so you have to special-order one where you can. Mine took forever to get to me, as it was sent through China Post. All said, it cost me around $45 USD for this kit.

Now all I need is some CA and some 5-minute epoxy and I will be set!


That looks awesome!

It looks really impressive, Dalek!

It looks great, I wish I could find figures like that in my country

That looks way too small to be a T-Rex…

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Baby Rex, haha. Super cool dude!

I had to order it online from a distributor in China. I think I did good, considering that the normal retail price was around $90 USD.