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Violet Death alpha health increase

The Violet Death alpha needs to have a boost in health, as the clan I’m in is finding that it only takes 3 attacks from most players to defeat, with some clan members not even being able to hit at all because it is defeated so damn quickly.

All the rest of the alphas are pretty well balanced with the exception for the Violet Death.


So you have to be faster…


I realise that. But for some people in my clan the alpha spawns at 2 or 3am and they end up missing out on the alpha rewards

Meanwhile Shellfire is so boring to fight against. If you get a shell in the corner, odds you will end up with some mediocre 50k damage in the tail dust of other clan mates.

The average single hit again Greendeath in my clan is around 120k, with 200K being common now. Huge variation among different alphas, so huge to be uncomfortable.

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Please make Violet Death stronger