VIP 16 shot trick

Shoot fast 15 X 30 + 1X 15,14 … etc.
The dns quantity is not added by the sixteenth shot.(why? :frowning: )
Dinosaur types where possible: Almost every common creature. Good luck!

15 is the max to collect DNA - the limit was put in early on in the games history to stop hacks / auto clicks that could rack up huge scores.

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Wow, you even have time for a 16th shot to begin with?
Without VIP there’s no way you get a 13th shot out. So maxing 360 must be a lot harder than the 450 you get at VIP.

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Yes, but not always. You have to shoot perfectly without stopping. Xiaomi MI8 is my phone. It should be a relatively fast phone

Do a video. I get lucky shooting 360 non vip.

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Video is set to private?

Sorry. I corrected.

Nice. Thanks for sharing. So your one non direct hit didn’t count and showed a perfect s ore even though you were over lol