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Vip 20% discount on everything in the market

Just thought I would ask everyone how much they spent today here is what I purchased and the amount of resources spent bought 40 hybrids ( dna used to purchase the hybrids 216.145 ) ( Dino bucks used to do these purchases 4650 ) very expensive day so far for resources

I got 10 legendary hybrids in my pipeline to hatch. This is going to take a while.
216k of DNA for 40 hybrids? 40 Nundagosaurus??

No a mixture of eight different hybrids

I tend to spend most of my DNA every week during the discount, on hybrids that fill in where my VIPs are more sparse… mostly focus on herbivores which I like using as meat shields and amphibians (so bummed apatosaurus seems to never show up in the 10K packs for me even though it’s supposed to be the same probability as everything else!)… but starting to add some of the powerful carnivores so as to start advancing the top of my lineup more to use in the top levels of tournaments.

Not sure exactly what I got today but was trying to get enough Parasaura’s to finish a level 40 but also just added Unayrhynchus and wanted to buy one of those and accidentally did so thinking one of the Para’s was in my free hatchery spot but had used some speedups and hadn’t put a new one in so now have the 3-day legendary taking up that spot instead, dog gone it! Oh well, at least it was only a 3-day and not a 7-day I did that with!

Debated as well getting another metriaphodon as awesome as the one I won in the tournament has been but really don’t need pteros as at as many of the VIPs as I have along with some hybrids too.


Mary_Jo, I got the Unayrhynchus at 40, and it used to be my top herbi before the monostegotop showed up. The unay 40 takes over a day to recover. Eolambia is better if you can get them, lower attack but way faster recovery. Monostego still my go to vegetarian. The apato at 40 also recovers in more than a day.

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It’s not worth it to have VIP, tournament, or hybrid level 40 dinos in this game. If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d make sure of the following:

  • Standard Legendary Dinos - Lvl 40
  • Tournament Dinos - Lvl 30 or 40 depending on dino
  • Super Rare Hybrids - Lvl 40
  • VIP Legendary Dinos - Lvl 30
  • Legendary Hybrids - Lvl 20 or 30 depending on the hybrid.
  • Indoraptors - Lvl 10 max
  • Make sure no dino is evolved past a Lvl 10 indoraptor

I made the mistake of obtaining 4 Lvl 20 indoraptors and my PvE events are ridiculous. Even with 4 gorgosuchus Lvl 20s, 4 metriaphodon Lvl 20s, 4 monostegotops Lvl 20s. My lineup is well balanced, but it was even more balanced before I made the Lvl 20 indoraptors. I thought I’d be okay, but I wasn’t. Shame on me.

My ceno and aquatic lineups are very balanced. I have 2 of each tournment creature at Lvl 30, and I have 3 of each legendary creature at level 40. This has ensured I can do all the events and end up in dominator no problem.

I just wish I followed this same format for my land dinos, but I was just so greedy for that Lvl 20 indoraptor and now the cooldown for it is atrocious. 1 day 10 hours!! I’m glad I stopped there, my next longest cooldown is 21 hours.

I cannot imagine having some 3, 4, or 5 day cool downs for a few of the Lvl 40 legendary hybrids. It pains me to see that you’ve done well and created this beautiful creature, but you can only play with it a couple times a week :persevere: :confounded: :tired_face: :sob:


Thanks for the tips, yeah the cooldown times going from lvl 30 to 40 with the hybrids is a big one, so trying to hold off on doing that with a lot of my Herbos but it does leave them vulnerable to the occasional 1-hit KO. I did move my Gigano to lvl 40 to have one that matches my top carnivores, and that took it to pretty much a full day for me, I won’t need to move any legendaries to lvl 40 for quite some time yet, even lvl 20s right now work pretty well in my lineups of mostly lvl 20 VIPs. I would LOVE to get the monostego, but right now the s-dna for it is SO darn hard to get and so I don’t want to lose my two lvl 30 stegos until I can get two of the monos. I’ve been stuck around the 2800+ spot for so long, and just CANNOT seem to get it in the modded PvPs, it’s not in the daily missions, or even the Code 19s, so frustrating, when it’s one of the better ones for newer players. At least diplosuchus which was previously the one that was hard to get I’m quickly adding a bunch of so will just be patient when the same becomes possible for the mono too.

When I first made my indoraptor 20, battle difficulty went crazy too. Only yesterday did I fuse two 10s into an 11, just to see what’s the diff, and 11 only takes around an hour longer to recover than the 10. Will be fusing to 11 only when I run out of space (max 12 per dino).
I think it’s Andy_kenobi here who only fuses up when he has two dinos at 40, a super patient slow and steady approach. Tommi here painfully sold off his 30 indoraptor and a few other 40 hybrids and seems happy since.


If velociraptor s-dna wasn’t so hard to come by, I’d sell all of my indoraptors off. But I figure the time it would take for me to sell them off and build them all back up would probably be the same amount of time to get more hybrids to balance it out, so I’m just staying along that course.

I think if you stay at indoraptor 20 there’s hope for balance, but your VIPs gonna have to level up 30 or higher to catch up, which also means longer cooldowns all around. Level 40 legendaries become pretty much useless now, as everything’s scaled up. For me, a 40 T-Rex is still useful sometimes complementing stronger dinos. That’s coz I make the VIP dinos the center around which I build everything else. Unless the game changes, you can’t level up or hybrid the VIPs, so that’s my benchmark. I’d say this forum helped save me from the folly of leveling up in a bid to keep up, coz I thought, if battles are so tough, leveling up would surely help. No way Jose. :no_mouth:

Agreed, Level 40 standard legendaries are pretty worthless for most PvE’s, I find they are only good for the tournaments. A lineup of three Lvl 40 legendaries does very well in dominator. My go-to lineups with them are:

  1. Unaysaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Ichthyostega
  2. Suchomimus, Shunosaurus, Sarcosuchus
  3. Microposaurus, Dimetrodon, Dimorphodon
  4. Microposaurus, Pteranodon, T-Rex

I hardly ever lose a dominator battle with them, and they yield 36 trophies per win. Not to mention they cool down within 8 hours so I can battle with them at least twice a day, three times if I’m really on top of it. They are wonderful come tournament time!


You’re braver than I am. I usually bring a 20 superhybrid or a 30 VIP, and earn only 32-34 trophies. But I can play lots of rounds if I want to, coz I got depth over strength, capped at a single 20 indoraptor and one 11. And I almost never use up all my dinos.

Don’t forget the data spreadsheet I did can calculate estimated cooldown times for you. You need to use a copy for something like this but just go to the one above the level you want to check and replace the health and attack stats with yours and you’ll get a very close CD time. So for level 11 you would replace the stats on the level 20 dino.

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Well, I burned off maybe 120,000 dna on assorted critters.

I have about 20,000 velociraptor s-dna saved. I really want an indoraptor, but it would throw my balance off too much right now. Especially as I need a few good strong herbivores first before i go that direction. I really like monostegatops, for health/attack ratio, but they are slower to acquire than many others.


At level 1 they throw off your balance?

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In a funny way, they would a bit. I’m a very patient player/person, as such my goals have never really been to make the strongest dinos. For example, September for me is aquatic hatching month. Last month was Cenozoic.
A level 1 indoraptor is what? 3400 health and 1700 attack? I have the resources, but my strongest dinos are these:

So it would be over a thousand jump on ferocity. Besides, I really need to make some strong herbivores first as that is where my line up is really lacking:
Plus I like the shorter cool down times and can play more often with more weaker dinos and still hold my own in tournaments.


Wow. I can’t reverse course and be where you are, but you can easily level up and catch up or even overtake me in terms of top dinos. But I appreciate and like your patient approach a lot. Just when I thought having 8x diplosuchus at 20 is too many, I meet the “grand master.” Kudos! Patience is a lost virtue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The climb to level 40 I-rex is a brutal one. Especially with the increase in events and battles/event

Level 20 diplosuchus is awesome. I only have 3 though…

@Andy_wan_kenobi, I have a plan for that… As you can see, I’m not hurting for food, DNA, or dinobucks. Basically, when I get to the point of making an indoraptor, I just wait for speed up time for the creation lab, feed up two lvl 21 indominus Rex to 30, speed up evolutions to a 31, feed to 40, then immediately make an indoraptor. Level up my level 21 indominus collection and level 16 gorgosuchus to match indoraptor. So, in a couple minutes my top dozen dinos kick up 15% ferocity and I only loose one carnivore slot.

Before I do that, I need to reinforce and build up strong herbivores, and want to fill out my mertiaphodon paddock to balance out the flyers through evolutions.

All so I can avoid PVE issues, and keep a balanced team of 20ish dinos. That’s my plan… Long term as it may be.


I really like your approach. This is similar to the slow, careful progression and emphasis on deep numbers I have been doing as well. I will have to bookmark this for where a good place to get to is. I have included plenty of the herbivore hybrids though so ahead of you there!

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