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I think if you stay at indoraptor 20 there’s hope for balance, but your VIPs gonna have to level up 30 or higher to catch up, which also means longer cooldowns all around. Level 40 legendaries become pretty much useless now, as everything’s scaled up. For me, a 40 T-Rex is still useful sometimes complementing stronger dinos. That’s coz I make the VIP dinos the center around which I build everything else. Unless the game changes, you can’t level up or hybrid the VIPs, so that’s my benchmark. I’d say this forum helped save me from the folly of leveling up in a bid to keep up, coz I thought, if battles are so tough, leveling up would surely help. No way Jose. :no_mouth:

Agreed, Level 40 standard legendaries are pretty worthless for most PvE’s, I find they are only good for the tournaments. A lineup of three Lvl 40 legendaries does very well in dominator. My go-to lineups with them are:

  1. Unaysaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Ichthyostega
  2. Suchomimus, Shunosaurus, Sarcosuchus
  3. Microposaurus, Dimetrodon, Dimorphodon
  4. Microposaurus, Pteranodon, T-Rex

I hardly ever lose a dominator battle with them, and they yield 36 trophies per win. Not to mention they cool down within 8 hours so I can battle with them at least twice a day, three times if I’m really on top of it. They are wonderful come tournament time!


You’re braver than I am. I usually bring a 20 superhybrid or a 30 VIP, and earn only 32-34 trophies. But I can play lots of rounds if I want to, coz I got depth over strength, capped at a single 20 indoraptor and one 11. And I almost never use up all my dinos.

Don’t forget the data spreadsheet I did can calculate estimated cooldown times for you. You need to use a copy for something like this but just go to the one above the level you want to check and replace the health and attack stats with yours and you’ll get a very close CD time. So for level 11 you would replace the stats on the level 20 dino.

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Well, I burned off maybe 120,000 dna on assorted critters.

I have about 20,000 velociraptor s-dna saved. I really want an indoraptor, but it would throw my balance off too much right now. Especially as I need a few good strong herbivores first before i go that direction. I really like monostegatops, for health/attack ratio, but they are slower to acquire than many others.


At level 1 they throw off your balance?

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In a funny way, they would a bit. I’m a very patient player/person, as such my goals have never really been to make the strongest dinos. For example, September for me is aquatic hatching month. Last month was Cenozoic.
A level 1 indoraptor is what? 3400 health and 1700 attack? I have the resources, but my strongest dinos are these:

So it would be over a thousand jump on ferocity. Besides, I really need to make some strong herbivores first as that is where my line up is really lacking:
Plus I like the shorter cool down times and can play more often with more weaker dinos and still hold my own in tournaments.


Wow. I can’t reverse course and be where you are, but you can easily level up and catch up or even overtake me in terms of top dinos. But I appreciate and like your patient approach a lot. Just when I thought having 8x diplosuchus at 20 is too many, I meet the “grand master.” Kudos! Patience is a lost virtue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The climb to level 40 I-rex is a brutal one. Especially with the increase in events and battles/event

Level 20 diplosuchus is awesome. I only have 3 though…

@Andy_wan_kenobi, I have a plan for that… As you can see, I’m not hurting for food, DNA, or dinobucks. Basically, when I get to the point of making an indoraptor, I just wait for speed up time for the creation lab, feed up two lvl 21 indominus Rex to 30, speed up evolutions to a 31, feed to 40, then immediately make an indoraptor. Level up my level 21 indominus collection and level 16 gorgosuchus to match indoraptor. So, in a couple minutes my top dozen dinos kick up 15% ferocity and I only loose one carnivore slot.

Before I do that, I need to reinforce and build up strong herbivores, and want to fill out my mertiaphodon paddock to balance out the flyers through evolutions.

All so I can avoid PVE issues, and keep a balanced team of 20ish dinos. That’s my plan… Long term as it may be.


I really like your approach. This is similar to the slow, careful progression and emphasis on deep numbers I have been doing as well. I will have to bookmark this for where a good place to get to is. I have included plenty of the herbivore hybrids though so ahead of you there!

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I am totally in line with the patient approach as I have gone the same route after I mistakenly leveled an Indoraptor to level 20 because I would be able to do that much more damage in a boss fight (it was very shortsighted thinking at the time). Since then I have gone the slow steady burn approach to keeping everything right up to the Indoraptor level 10.
Lots of duplicates but that’s okay as I have loads of creatures for PvE and tournament battles simultaneously, especially with how versatile the Indoraptor and Metriphadon can be even when not in a class advantage position.

After this I have a lot of level 30 VIP creatures and level 40 SR hybrids and more Super Hybrids I think I am up to 7 total of the diplosuchus with five being lvl 20 one lvl 30 and one lvl 10. The level 20’s are a tournament staple for me as I almost exclusively do amphibian, herbivore, carnivore lineups for tournaments. I only mix in the birds when I run out of herbivores since that is the one area I am low on in that range of ferocity.


I’m a big fan of slow progress too.
Right now I’m planning to get a second lvl 30 Segnosuchus and Gorgosuchus, getting a third lvl 20 Metriaphodon and evolving one to lvl 21, 22 or 23. At the same time one of my main goal is to further build up my VIPs, which are still the most important part of my lineup.
And not to forget doing something similar for aquatics and cenezoics.

PS: I just noticed that icons in the forum editor are back…wow.


Here are just my hybrids

image image image

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Very impressive. :clinking_glasses:


Wow this post is Gold, I tried it and also won the matches with these Combos, how did you find that out?
I never thought I could just throw in 3 X LVL40 Legendaries and have such an easy live …

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Yeah I need to try that out sometime with the ones I have. Some were fused and not sure I still have a 40.

Thanks for that info on dino levels. I was kinda already planning something similar, nice to see that it actually works

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20% right now, non VIP, this new?

They said first week would be increased VIP discounts and second week would be increased non VIP discounts.