Vip 20% discounts on dinosaurs

I never saw the 20% vip discount today did any one else have this issue today

It was not there, not sure why but neither discount showed for me.

I had it from 6pm to 8pm CET, or was it 5pm to 7pm?
I’m not yet adjusted to daylight saving time, we had our change last weekend.

Showed up for me.

I did see the discount today sometime after 12 pm EST when I got up but didn’t check the actual amount, was it just the VIP one that was missing?

I thought it was a bug at first because I was only seeing the 10% but after some time, the 20% for vip showed. 10-12k DNA spent :smiley:
Nothing like what you guys spend but i had to buy one of each legendary i have unlocked and four or five super rare

I had the discount on both my and my son’s account from 11am-1pm CDT

Yeah typically I have it from 8-10 am PST but I did not have it this morning for some reason. No big deal since I spent most of my DNA on the 70,000 bundle packs but thought it was odd it was not showing up.

I saw it from 10a-12p MST. Both the 10% for non-VIP as well as 20% for VIP.