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VIP 4x LP bug or change?

As you can see from the picture above, the game is multiplying my LP by 4 however the VIP lounge says I should only earn 2x I just wanted to know if this is a bug or a purposeful change.

Special treat for VIP Week. Enjoy it


Awesome! I’ll make sure I cash in on this opportunity By buying as many card packs and dino bucks as I can.

@Nestea has reported a substantial decrease in Loyalty Points from the Solid Gold Packs, which the ×4 multiplier brings back to the normal amount. Buyer beware. Hopefully this is a glitch that gets fixed ASAP.

Actually before when I bought dino bucks I got 5.2k LP now with VIP week I get 10k every time I buy it. So I didn’t see any glitch.

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Maybe they are only rewarding actual bonus LPs for “new” packs which are bought or obtained through quests.

I landed on a rare Jurassic pack, which usually would yields 260 LPs (with VIP subscription), but did obtain 520 LPs.

However, the Solid Gold pack is 325 LP x 4 now. Probably to prevent “rewarding” players who saved 100’s of K or millions from getting too many “extra” packs.

They offered other packs for 10K and 3,040 LPs (3,800 no discount) in the card shop as well.

Edit: Just noticed a “Solid Gold PLUS” pack for 35K LPs, gamble for a random 50K VIP. If anyone is interested.

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