VIP Account Rewards


I’m VIP and my hubster chose not to be. Thing is he’s getting just as much as I am and his battery actually charges faster than mine. I think I should see some notable difference for paying to have the VIP account. I hope to see this addressed or I don’t see the point in renewing as a VIP


I don’t think a battery charges. It’s all about the distance you’re away from the dinosaur.

150m for regular
200m for vip

Tip: the closer you’re at a dinosaur the more battery you have.


Yes the battery does not charge, it’s all about distance.


Okay thanksfor clearing that up for me!!


i had VIP, not worth it. the ability to watch an ad and get another supply drop is much better than any VIP perks.


I’m thinking the same thing. The special deals are exactly the same as the non VIP. My husband is getting the same as I am other than the extended battery range. Seems bogus for $10 a month