Vip account



First i wanna say thank you for your new game, i like it so much.

My question is : i use the Vip account, i received the gold incubator, it was so nice, but i will receive one more every months or not ? Or it was only one ?

Good luck for the future of your JW Alive.

( sorry for my bad english, i speak french normaly ).

See ya


i think … every months that you buy the vip you become it one time


No you get one incubator and thats it .


Yep once only.

I am VIP - however gotta say as it stands at the moment - Its not worth it - period.
I am going to give it another month, as we are just out of beta, after that I will be cancelling unless there are any changes.

The Advantages as it stands now are…

The ONE off free Incubator
a Increase of drone Distance

Thats it.



If you spin max cash / day and the special deals actually are decent (not in irl money but in cash) - you still enjoy a good VIP feature. If you actually get one epic incub / month vs only one upon purchase that would be a great addition, certainly a must-have.

What else would you like to be added to VIP? I cant think of something at the moment but add suggestions so the devs can see what the players think and want ; dont just straight up ‘murder the animal’, help it and see it become better!

Monthly incubator (epic? Or maybe even a premium one? The new incub).

Special deals ; especially in cash ; and being able to differentiate VIP deals vs regular deals (quite confusing at times).

We already have an increased max gold cap but perhaps also an increased max dart cap ; especially if they don’t add more spinners. They did remove some spinners left n right; so VIPs can use more darts over a certain period of time but they still need to go to spinners to recieve the extra darts; they have an additional spin (prize 3) + bigger dart inventory.

Let the suggestions roll in! Ofc the biggest issue would be the ‘p2w’ argument ; the dart suggedtion for example is a perfect example. You get extra darts but still have to put in efford to get 'em ; it has a pro and a con. Suggestions can’t be too ridiculous it still has to be somewhat fair. The monthly incub is just an additional feature and only gives advantages in the long run ; most of them wont bother other players (especially non-vip) anyway since they will be in the highest arena vs other vips. So again ; pro and ‘con’. Nevettheless if you actually play on a regular basis a non-vip still wins bcs cathching dinos in the wild is far more afvantageus vs only grabbing incubs for short term boost in epics while not having level 15 commons for hybrids and legendaries.


I agree. I feel that the $12.99 on a on going monthly bases with the current advantages are not worth it since the end of the beta.

Durning the beta you could exceed your dart limit and had extend batteries which was nice. But the removal of the dart bonus; leave us with just better batters and the one epic incubator that you get when first purchasing.

I really think there should be a epic incubator one a week or once a month. Plus bring back the ability to exceed the dart limit. As well as some speial prizes every week for aconlising tasks.

I myself will be canceling my VIP after the next month if it does not improve.


Same here. I like the game a lot, but VIP account for 10 dollars (per month !) is much too light. Just waiting one more too.


Same, VIP in “Jurassic world alive” and VIP in “Jurassic world the game” are seperated VIP for almost thesame game, why not 1 VIP for 2? VIP in “Jurassic world alive” isnt wat it needs to be, but like in another post where they asked more incubator slot to activate it (not only 1), why not 2 in VIP and 1 without VIP.


Needs extending area. I upgraded but then the dinos were out of reach ?? Glitch ?? Less dinos within reach once upgraded. Not worth it


I don’t know how you say it’s not worth it. If you play a lot of course it’s worth it ! You get to earn more cash in supply drops. It’s 30 more than free player so you can get 900 more hard cash. It’s like 3/4 of the price. Plus you get more chance to actually get the cash with one more spin. I used to hit the coin limit before getting VIP without getting hard cash. Now I can hit both. In my point of view it’s 1200 cash almost guaranteed per month if you play enough to spin about 100 supply drops per day and that’s exactly the price you would pay to get the same amount of hard cash from the shop.

But there’s more ! :heart_eyes:
You break the coin limit ! Instead of getting your max 3k5 coins per day (for example) you can get as many as 7k ! It’s game changing since the evolutions cost a lot of coins (it’s 15k to get a level 17 raptor for example).

You get to launch drone up to 200m instead of 150. It allows me to get some DNA from T-rex or other dinosaur I would not get before (public transport user here, you can’t always stop to walk closer)

And moreover you get an epic incubator with a lot of epic DNA and coins.

So I would not say the VIP package is a must have for everyone because you have to play enough to make it worth it (hit the coins limit). But if you do, it’s obviously a very good deal