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VIP appears a disadvantage

Ok. So as I’ve posted last week there’s a huge difference in map appearance and spawns between 3 devices all here in my house. Now today it’s the same again. After the map reset my VIP 200m perimeter showed no green supply drops and no strike towers what so ever. (I’m on IOS). My daughters NON VIP 150m perimeter showed the tough Epic tower as well as the golden one (simple epic) from yesterday as well as a green supplydrop. She’s on IOS as well. Another device (Android) showed two green supplydrops as well as both striketowers in its NON VIP 150m perimeter. Conclusion… bye bye VIP.


That shouldn’t be anything to do with the VIP I don’t think. I vaguely recall somethings are different to each user but that may just be dinosaurs.

Those tend to reset after re-logging. If any device has not been re-logged, it will show other stuff. I kind of take advantage of this glitch because I never know where the game will move the strikes after a restart.

They were all force closed and restarted. So that’s not it…

Spawns and rewards (from supply drops and strike towers) differ. Not the spawning of towers and drops especially within the same iOS. At least, it wasn’t untill a few weeks ago when I first started posting about this…anyway VIP’s been cancelled. No use to me with the drastic decrease of drops and spawns anyway.

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Then definitely a VIP glitch. No surprise with all the latest glitches running wild this week.

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Clear the cache.
If they appear different, some of the devices have an out of date cache.

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With iOS restarting the phone cleared the cache. Did that already before I posted. No change except the actual location of the towers. But none within my perimeter, two of yesterday’s simple epics and one today’s tough epic in my daughters perimeter. Androids cache cleared manually. No difference either.


That’s not a VIP issue and has always been that way. Some players say clearing catch and all these other options fix it. It doesnt. I have 4 accounts. They majority of the drops and strike towers are the same but not all. Dont know why. So when I do strike towers, especially the ones with a lot of steps, we make sure we find a tower the appears in the same place on all four accounts.

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Well here we’ve had some small difference (at least between devices on the same operating system) but now the differences are huge. The Android map matches the map of my daughter better than mine does. And that’s been only since a few weeks.

I’m not surprised. I noticed differences in towers and drops from ios and android, along with different spawns. Why would VIP not be different?

I had VIP for months, started to see the advantage was small and ditched it. Haven’t missed it. Wouldn’t be shocked to learn ludia has nerfed it even more, in some shady tactic that causes some to say it isn’t so.

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I ditched it as well. Fed up paying for yet an other illusion