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VIP battles no longer offer S-dna rewards?

I just completed that five battle VIP events that pop up ever day, and there was no reward like before with the usual 12 or so S-DNA. Has ludia decided that needed to go or something?

It is a known issue, please submit a ticket, anyone that is not getting the SDNA for completing the daily VIP event Send a ticket into support.


I do not see any SDNA rewards for VIP events in my mission list for quite a while now. Are you sure that it is an issue and not a ‘feature’?

Update: It wasn’t in my mission list but I could claim the SDNA after I finished the event.


Did you get your s-DNA? Support said I had received all of the s-DNA I was entitled to

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I am still working on this ticket, some days it works as intended other days I get nothing, some days I get double.