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VIP Benefits (bag)


I just wanted to know why VIP players dont even have extra space in the bag? I’m amazed how LUDIA doesnt care about its monthly subscribers.


Hey Daniel_P_Lopes, we care about all of our players, and I’ll be sure to pass along your idea to our team! If you have any more feedback, share them with our team here at or on the forums here:


perhaps, as the bag is new, that hadnt occurred to them or they simply havent rolled it out yet.

i never attribute to malice what may be better classified as an oversight.


Ludia don’t care about the paying players

Vip is hardly worth it is it? One incubator at the start and that’s it oh and a little extra battery life and distance… Wow


That’s why I canceled my VIP subscription.
It isn’t worth it for me.


I cancelled mine today maybe if they add an extra incentive I’ll rejoin but not as it is.