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VIP benefits


I’m thinking of joining VIP. (Mainly for Sunday’s event)
What is your VIP experience? Good and bad.


I like it although you will find many don’t - for me the increased range and battery (and therefore DNA) is worth it especially now you can access anything within range. It also reduces the grind needed to max out your coin allocation from supply drops (time is money). More benefits would be nice but for me it is worth it.


Thanks. Do you still get an epic incubator the 1st month?


You certainly used to get a one off incubator (you don’t get it again if you quit and rejoin); can’t recall if it was premium or epic. Given this I think it is certainly worth trying it for a month - esp given this week! Then cancel and see if you miss it - simples. Last time I cancelled I think I lasted less than 24 hours before rejoining.


Think it was any epic… But that was such a long time ago, I could be mistaken…


Yeah it was an epic. or is.
I thought i was minted once i opened that. now… im alone and scared


I signed up for the first time specifically for this week. Got an epic incubator after joining. Auto renew can be canceled as soon as you join but either way you have it for a month. The increased darting time and distance access makes it feel like a new playground for me lol.