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Vip better rewards

I think VIP subscribers should have increased rewards i.e monthly/weekly epic incubators we are paying for this game we should be rewarded. I was a late starter and I’m paying because I want to catch up but feel like that’s never going to happen at the moment I’ve even been looking in to buying accounts as a result…I won’t but I have been investigating :see_no_evil:


I do agree that VIP should have much better rewards. As it is it is basically just access to extra sales (many of the times not even discounted) plus a little extra dna from the larger dart radius and longer drone time. I do think there should be a ‘free’ weekly (or even every other week) epic or premium incubator (it can be a random of the the two, maybe 75% epic and 25% premium). Given that we can access 3 epics a weekend via strike towers, I don’t think adding 2-4 more per month for the money we pay is too much to ask for. I think it would encourage more people to do VIP and they would make a lot more money.